5×12 minute episodes available on Bell Fibe 1

Women can fight. They can learn how to take a punch and give one right back, to not back down. Step inside gyms across the GTA where women become warriors and learn about the various martial arts they’ve chosen to do so.

Episode 1Taekwondo
DeSantos Premiere Martial Arts has been ‘empowering lives through the martial
arts’ in the GTA for almost 30 years. Meet Veronica, the woman behind it all and see
how she inspires her many students from all walks of life.

Episode 2Capoeira
Kadara means destiny. Find out how Danielle and Zeyna chose this Brazilian martial
art disguised as a dance by slaves, and see what it’s like to be a capoeirista at Kadara
Capoeira in Scarborough.

Episode 3 Wen-Do
Wen-Do is not a martial art; it is a feminist philosophy that believes everyone has
the right to live free of violence and trains women to defend themselves no matter
what their limitation. Meet Deb, Denise and Arij, 3 generations of Wen-Do
instructors who empower hundreds of women a year through Wen-Do.

Episode 4Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)
Laura Holmes and JB Ramos explore Filipino culture through the martial art
Arnis/Kali/Escrima or FMA at Combat Science. Both women have competed at the
international level in this sport, which involves many weapons.

Episode 5Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Gemma trains 6 days a week at 3 different gyms around the GTA. Her goal is to
become a world champion in MMA using kickboxing, wrestling and Brazilian jiu

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